Wednesday, December 4, 2013

New Name, New Energy, New Beginning

It is time for a change, a renewal of sorts.  These past few years have been a constant struggle and very hard work to stay on top of the game as far as selling my Quilts on Etsy was concerned.  I have decided to take it easy and not work so hard.  As the years go by, we get slower and although the desire is still there, the energy leaves a lot to be desired.

We recently moved to escape the cold winters of northwestern saskatchewan to the more likeable climate of the western Kootenays of BC.   I have never ever felt so at home in all my years of moving around this country as I do here.  Everything is just so "right" and I wake up every morning loving where I am.

I decided on a new name for my little shop, my blog and quilting venture and what better name than "Kootenay Quilter", which was picked by my husband and sure has a nice flow to it.

I purchased my domain name for both and, it is solely mine for a year anyway, and I will then decide if I continue on or call it quits and enjoy life with my husband and Miss Molly in this beautiful part of BC.  My new website is and you can get to both my Etsy and Zibbet ventures by clicking the purple links.  I would love for you to visit the site and let me know what you think.

The top 2 pictures are what i see when I look out my windows, and the bottom shows a flock of wild turkeys, which roam around anywhere…..I just love that!

Catch you all later.

Tuesday, November 5, 2013

NEW York Beauty with minky backing

I like to go outside the box, and give my customers something they will love for years to come.  something they can use daily, wash and dry like their towels and use again.  Most of my bed quilts feature bonus shams, or a plain cotton sateen on the back so they can reverse their bed quilts and get twice the product for their money.

This New York Beauty features a delightful ivory minky backing, a Cozy Kuddle by Shannon fabrics, beautiful, velvety and oh so soft.  Ladies of any age will delight with this one of a kind beauty.

the blocks were commissioned from Maggie, a master of her craft, each block absolutely perfect, and you can find her on her own website

Here is the quilt.  Would love to hear your thoughts on every aspect of it.  i machine quilted it with Glide thread top and bottom, and fillers of every kind.

You can find the Quilt at a very reasonable p[rice on my Zibbet website
looking forward to your visit.

Saturday, November 2, 2013

Am I Handmade or Manufactured?

Many of you have followed me and my Blog, of and on since I started this venture on Etsy in May 2007.  Many Quilt pictures have appeared here, showing the selection of Fabrics right through to the completed listing in my Store.

I pride myself in providing a top quality handmade patchwork Quilt and the many beautiful and heartwarming comments from my customers make it all worthwhile.

Imagine my surprise when I received this e-mail from the Etsy Marketplace Integrity Team wanting me to "verify" my "handmade" process to them by documenting the making of a Quilt.

We see that your items are listed in the Handmade category. I'm reaching out to learn more about how your items are made.

For items to be listed in the Handmade category, they have to fit in with Etsy’s definition of Handmade. In order to be sure that your items can be sold in this category, we ask that you please answer the following questions within the next two weeks.

Any information you provide will be kept completely confidential. Please note, however, that providing false information may result in the suspension of your account privileges.

Step 1:
Explain how you run your business by telling us who is involved in your shop and what each of their roles is. This includes the people who assist in the production or finishing of items, create listings, communicating with buyers, packaging orders or anything else you need to operate your shop.

Step 2:
Explain your Handmade process. Imagine you’re teaching someone to make the item listed below. Please write out – in as much detail as possible – the steps you use to create the following item:

Step 3:
Document your Handmade process. Please attach photographs of the steps you described above. In all of the images you attach, please include a piece of paper displaying your username and the date.

Specifically, we’ll need to see images of:
-The workspace, tools, and equipment you use to make the items in your shop.
-The raw materials or supplies you use to create your items.
-The step-by-step process you use to create the item specified in Step 1.

Once we hear back from you with this information, we’ll review it and promptly get back to you. We understand that your Etsy shop is your business, and we intend to make this process as quick and smooth as possible.

Please let me know if you have any questions or concerns about this process. I look forward to hearing from you.
Etsy Marketplace Integrity

This message is a private conversation between you and Etsy. Please respect this confidentiality and refrain from distributing this communication without permission from Etsy. If you feel this message was sent to you in error, please delete it and let us know. Thank you.


Please note that at the bottom they had the nerve to ask me Not to Share this message......

I was hit with a sledgehammer to say the least, crushed, trust broken, integrity and honesty questioned, after being "loyal" to this Marketplace since 2007, bringing customers, advertising the venue, making them, and of course me, money.

How did this happen?  Lots of speculation and you can read about it here  it makes for an interesting read.  No matter what the reason, Etsy is behind me.  After submitting pictures and showing the machine quilting process but now the cutting and piecing of one of my patchwork Quilts, I received this e-mail:

"Hello Monika,
Thanks so much for providing this information. I really appreciate it. I understand how surprising this may have been but please know that my intentions were simply to learn more about your handmade process. I know that asking to make a new quilt is quite an endeavor. I've taken a look at the photos of your workspace, supplies, and finished goods and verified that your items meet our selling guidelines.

Thanks again for working with me on this. I appreciate your cooperation."

Stick it up your know what, the damage is done. Zibbet is the new Handmade marketplace.  etsy Sellers have left Etsy in the thousands after Etsy announced it now allows manufactured on their site.  Etsy is being flooded with made in "China" products, throwing those of us that helped make Etsy world famous for buying "Handmade", under the bus.  We are harder to find and unless the buyer specifically types in "handmade" when searching, most of us will never be found.

So sad.  Those of us that were loyal to Etsy are thown under the bus, while Etsy rewrites the definition of handmade.

You can find the same beautiful handmade patchwork Quilt at a 5% discount (since I no longer have to pay etsy's transaction fees) at

Come and visit me there, say hello, send me a message, put me in your favourites.

Thanks for listening.



Saturday, June 1, 2013

My Etsy Store

The big Move is coming closer...only 26 more days before we load the truck.  I have packed my studio, all fabric bolts are wrapped, the supplies, notions and tools are already in boxes, clearly labeled I hope.  It will be like christmas when I open them in my new home.

I had a good look at my Etsy store this morning and decided to keep it active even though I have nothing to ship at the moment.  I listed my "Made to Order" Quilts, with a production and shipping date 6 - 8 weeks down the road.

My new Freedom SR is being shipped next week, to my present location and we will just load her up in the truck unopened....that will be hard to do.

Did I show you what my new Freddie will look like?  She is a New generation APQS machine, with bobbin empty sensor, thread breakage sensor and a new colour.  I am in love already and haven't even seen her in person.

Even the table will have the new colour, which is a pearl white...I can't wait!!!

Thursday, May 30, 2013

Another Move, another Adventure

British Columbia Here I come.  We are moving....again.  It seems I was not meant to have roots, but I look forward to yet another adventure in my life.   After a serious operation and a run-in with cancer and subsequent treatments, my husband, friend and soulmate needs to downsize his responsibilities and has realized that our acreage is just too much for him to handle.  A 55plus environment in a warmer climate will be welcome by both of us and our move is coming fast.  My well loved APQS FREEDOM has found a new home and my new machine, a New generation FREEDOM SR is on Order! Yah...I am so excited!  A big Sale in my Etsy Store was very successful and many Quilts have found wonderful homes in various Countries around the Globe.  That is just awesome!  I haver made about 30 quilt tops in the last few weeks and below are a few pictures.  I look forward to setting up shop again in my new home and get back to quilting with my new long arm.

I'll be back in July....bbl

Thursday, December 6, 2012

Jumbo Fossil Fern Pack 100 5" Charm Squares

100 Charm squares in every color under the rainbow! Die cut 5" x 5" precision cut 100% cotton Fabric by Benartex. 

The Quilt in picture 5 measures 60" x 80" and was made with one and a half packs of Charm pack. A very economical way to make a Quilt.

Perfect for all kinds of sewing and quilting projects.

This listing is for 1 only jumbo CharmPack......WOW!

Wednesday, May 16, 2012

A Quilt in Taffy and Minky

This is so delicious....gorgeous pastel colours in the Tonga Batik line called Taffy.  Simple triangles, randomly assembled, this quilt is backed with minky and machine quilted in a orange variegated thread and a pattern called "Splash".  Gorgeous!  This is a special order and I know my customer will love it.

Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Oh Canada

I have been thinking about using some red Nancy Crow Marble Crush and make something along the lines of a Maple Leaf Quilt.  Yesterday I took the plunge and started cutting a big maple leaf and die cutting some smaller ones.  I fused it all on a white kona cotton and then machine quilted the Quilt with various designs.  I think it looks AWESOME.  No pattern was used other than to cut the maple leaves.  The quilt measures 60" x 80" and would make a beautiful Wall Hanging.  The Silk blend batting shows the quilting beautifully.

Friday, April 13, 2012

Flower Power - finished

It didn't take much thought to find a design that would fit the open areas of this Quilt.  I feathered the blocks with great results I think.  As I was binding it, it was claimed by a friend, so for the time being it is available as a custom order only.  I am planning on making a queen size fairly soon, as soon as I catch up with my machine quilting jobs.

Thursday, April 12, 2012

Flower Power

A new fun Quilt, made with bits and pieces left over from designer collection.  It is a cute quilt, a bit bigger than lap size, not quite twin, but will make a nice coverlet.

How do I quilt it?  Any ideas from the masters of FMQ????  Would love some suggestions.

The Pedals themselves are fused and topstitched, they do not need any additional stitching, the open beige areas need lots of quilting.