Thursday, November 29, 2007

Dear Diary

Oh my, it's been awhile since I added to this novel. DH has been home so that kind of took over my time, many things to do, going for drives, spending quality time laying around watching TV, new movies to check out, etc. He's only home for 5 days out of 21, so I try not to be too creative in that time.

So on Tuesday I listed a new Quilt, simple but lovely nevertheless. Yesterday afternoon and last night I finished another Quilttop, a very nice pattern, and as soon as this cup of coffee is finished I'll be heading to the Studio to to make the backing and put it on the frame. I am looking forward to customizing this Quilt, and if all goes might appear in these pages tomorrow.

Sold another Quilt, however, the customer did not carry thru with the payment, and did not respond to e-mails, so it has been relisted and is back for sale. That's a bummer, but that is life and must be expected in an online venture such as Etsy. Until they change the checkout process where the customer has to pay before the checkout is completed, Sellers are subject to this kind of customer whether it be thru ignorance or deliberate.

Time to get on with my day, catch you all later.

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