Thursday, November 15, 2007

Hurray, I sold not 1 but 2 Quilts today

Indroducing Charmer on the left and Charmer 2 on the right. Two absolutely charming Quilts designed for anyone and anyplace. They found a new home. So now I'll have to et busy and make some more. People seem to like these little charm Quilts, they are relatively inexpensive, and for me easy to piece and I can get very creative in my machine quilting. A win win situation.

Our weather has turned cold and we have quite a bit of snow. I sitting here in my livingroom looking out the window into the pitchblack night and a quarter moon ever so bright is shining through the poplar tree tops. I will have to invest in a camera that can take pictures of this kind of scene because it is awesome to see. My lovely daughter bought a great Phentax Digital Camera with all kinds of setting and filters and lenses, I think I'll consider domething like that for my next camera purchase.

I am currently working on a Log Cabin Quilt, all strip pieced with 1 1/2" strips, scrappy and colorful. I am machine quilting it with a pattern called Funky Chicken. Although it is gorgeous, it is sooooo time consuming, I hope to get it all done by tomorrow. Until then y'all have to hold yar horses!


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