Thursday, November 15, 2007

It did'nt get done

Y'all have to hang on another day. I didn't get the Log Cabin Quilt done. It will be here tomorrow. Promise!

My good friend Melanie has a show tomorrow with all her fantastic Bags, she truly is an amazing BagLady. I hope she sells every last one of them. Have a peek at her stunning work at, you'll be amazed. I love Bags of all shapes and sizes and could truly enjoy each and every one of hers, if only the budget allowed. I have some fantastic fabrics just acquired, and I think I'll try my hand at bag making, just to do something diferent.
Etsy has a new Seller, a fabric store from Toronto, Ontario, called BlackBirdFabrics, check them out at, Wendy has some neat stuff and there is more coming from what I hear.

Our local Trade show is tonight, and I better get going. I want to check it all out.

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