Saturday, November 17, 2007

Log Cabin Scrappy is done, and what a beauty it is

Well worth the wait, and boy did it take a long time to do this machine quilting pattern. It is called Funky Chicken and looks like this , and one row takes about an hour on a double size Quilt. But it certainly was worth the trouble, it gives this scrappy Log Cabin character and curb appeal. The Quilt is of course for Sale and can be seen on my Etsy store with full description and several pictures to show its full beauty.
I sold another Quilt today, my beautify Mythical Horses king size Quilt is going to a new home. I made that Quilt with gorgeous Laurel Burch Fabrics, and I am sure it will be loved where it is going.

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Marilyn said...

You write very well.