Tuesday, November 6, 2007

Love my Shoes

I finally finished this Quilt today and it looks gorgeous. I wasn't sure what to call it. Sometimes the names just don't want to come, but I settled on "Love my Shoes". The fabric sports all sorts of colorful fancy and casual shoes and since I have a Shoe fetish, I thought the name I gave it was very well suited to the Quilt. It is listed in my etsy store, so feel free to check it out , leave a comment, or even buy it!

I went for a drive today in the back country, saw 8 Partridge and 2 beautiful, big, black Timberwolves. Unfortunately, before I could aim the Camera, the Wolves were gone, at least far enough into the woods so I couldn't see them, but I am sure they were watching me. The picture above is of one of the Lakes I drive by often. It looks so cold now, but earlier in the year it is great for canoeing and it has some great Jackfish and tasty Walleyes. All our leaves are gone now, the lakes are freezing already and the nights are plenty cold. It seems that our Spring, Summer and Fall just were not as nice as in previous years, the seasons are all mixed up, in my part of the World anyways. I don't have to worry about earth quakes, or tornadoes, or hurricanes, but we do get severely cold Winters with lots of snow.

They are already advertising for the Holiday Season. Oh Boy, it will be a long November and December with the same commercials over and over day after day. My daughter get Quilts again this year for Gifts, I might buy my hubby a Laptop Computer, and my puppies get their usual treats and a squeeky toy. The Quilts are already done, but I guess I have to think about getting that Computer sometime real soon. I suppose I can shop online, I buy everything else online, might as well try a Computer. I am considering a new Laptop for me as well, but I think I'll buy a IMac. I am not sure yet have to do a bunch more research.

So now I have to go spend some time promoting my store and my Quilts. See you all tomorrow.

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