Wednesday, November 7, 2007

My puppies are all snuggled up on the sofa in their Quilt, I guess it is time for bed again. The little blond one is Peachy, a TerriPoo, born in 1992, and the grey and white one is Phayzer, a Chinese Crested Powderpuff. He was born in 1995 and we got him in 2000. Both are so loving and trusting, they play together and snuggle together, it's nice to have them.

I wonder if I could use my puppies as my new avatar, they do love Quilts. Or maybe I'll have HeatherlyDesigns make me a new avatar, she seems to have it down pat.

Tomorrow will be a busy day, I have a Wolf Panel I am going to turn into a Quilt, I have it all mapped out in my head, lets hope it will turn out the way I see it.

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LooseWireStudio said...

Aww... What sweeties! :)