Thursday, November 8, 2007

Winter is here

It snowed all night and most of the day. Heavy wet white Snow. Although it looks beautiful, it is a nuisance because I have to clean up the deck which is 12ft x 36ft and is in front of both entrances. It was a piece of work, gotta take it easy, don't want a heart attack.

Quilted 3 Quilts today, will finish the binding tomorrow and then list them. I so love my long arm machine, we do some nice work. I used a cheap thread on te last one and the thread kept breaking. Needless to say the cone is now in the garbage, don't have the patience for that mess. The Picture is of my Freedom, I am quite proud of her.

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LooseWireStudio said...

Omigosh! I've always wondered what this machine looked like. Amazing! I love love love the quilting work on my quilt. I feel lucky to have such a wonderful quilt! Seriously. :)