Sunday, December 2, 2007

Red Hat Christmas Party/Dinner

I just thought I share some of my wonderful evening with you. I am part of a really nice, funloving and thoughtful Red Hat group in our little Town. We had Christmas Dinner Party tonight at a local Restaurant and the traditional turkey dinner was absolutely fabulous. The desert was to die for, rich scruptuous and full of sinful calories, but what the heck. We had a Chinese gift exchange and I walked away with a beautiful stained glass Red Hat window ornament. I just love it! Came home feeling all warm and fuzzy (no alcohol was served), even though it was minus 26 when I drove home. is getting really cold here.
Time to get the booties and coats out for my puppies, my little one already comes back in on 3 legs, poor thing.
I am doing great on Etsy, sales are okay, could always be better, but some are better than none. I am working on a new quilt, I am calling it "Come into my Parlor", made with Victorian prints, another charm Quilt. They seem to be very popular, I can offer them at affordable prices because I don't spend days pieceing and quilting.
I sure would love some input from the world, be nice to know if someone reads this and looks at my work.
Time for bed, tomorrow is another day.

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