Sunday, March 23, 2008

Easter Sunday

It is Sunday evening and the day just disppeared on me. I made a custom order Quilt to be shipped out tomorrow and took care of another custom order for a queen size quilt with a musical theme. Ordered the fabric and pattern today and I am very excited to do this project. I will post pictures when it is completed in about 3 weeks, sooner if the fabric gets here earlier.

I had an e-mail from a customer in London, England today, she loved the baby quilt she bought and wants to buy a queen size one now. Awesome! I am working on a lap Quilt with Amy Butler Fabrics now and ordered some more yardage from, a terrific seller from British Columbia with top notch product and great Customer Service.

The sun was pretty strong today and melted some more snow. Good thing I have 4 wheel drive on my Chevy, or i'd be stuck here for weeks on end.

Well my friends, I am bushed and I am off to bed. Tomorrow is another day.

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