Saturday, March 22, 2008

Hello World

Decadent Victorian queen size Quilt
Bella Rosa queen size with quilted pillow Shams

Canoe Country queen size with quilted Pillow Shams
These are just a few of my newest additions.

Oh its been a long long time. Life has a way of getting away from you. I have been very busy making Quilts and selling quite a few of them. my recent sales went to Windsor, On, Orange, Ca, Calgary, Ab, London, UK, and Columbus, Oh.
My store is getting lots of views and some sales. I advertise on KIJIJI and that drives considerable views into my stores.
Happy and satisfied Customers do not hurt the views either and word of mouth advertising sends many e-mails and compliments my way.
Spring is finally on its way. The Skunks are out, the Squirrels here are getting bolder, the snow is definately melting, and the Sun is just awesome. My Bedroom window faces east and it is wonderful to be woken up by the orange ball shining in the window in the mornings. My little dogs are spending more time outside, have to watch out for the Coyotes now, they are getting a little closer. It is calving season on the nearby Farms and there are Coyotes all around. Deer are on the roads now too munching the little green shoots of grass springing up everywhere.
The Pussy Willows are budding and my Dinning table looks like a jungle. I have started my tomatoe plants, marigolds, pansies, zinnias, petunias, english cucumbers and cauliflower. Next week I have to start the broccoli, nasturiums and a host of other seeds. We have a very short growing season and my veggies and flowers need all the help they can get.

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