Monday, March 24, 2008

Moon Rising over Big River

This is what i saw a few minutes ago from my deck. Too bad my Camera is so small, not really suited to take night time pictures, but it gives an idea of what it looks like. We strill have loads of snow as you can see on the left picture, but it is slowly melting.

Finished another Quilt today, custom order, I am going fabric shopping tomorrow to replenish my supply, that will be an all day job. Have to drive 1.5 hrs to town, but I am taking a couple of girl friends and we'll have a grant ole time.

I made about 6 Wheat Hugz today as well, teraphy wraps, you can heat them in the Microwave or put them in the freezer for cold teraphy. I will be selling them at the Open market starting in May...if the snow is all gone by then.

Here is a pic of a little lap quilt I made earlier, it is sold already, I can't keep those in my stores, people just love them. I have one more to finish like it and then my Amy Butler Fabric is all gone.

Will catch up with everyone tomorrow night.

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