Saturday, May 24, 2008

It has been over a months since I last added to my Blog. Much as happened, Sales on Etsy are okay, but sales off etsy are awesome. Inventory went from 52 down to 32 and I can't make it as fast as it sells. I have appeared in several treasuries, thank you, one was featured on the Front Page of ETSY...awesome!! I have several Ads running with project Wonderful, I am the Dig of the Week on Timothy Adams' "Buried Treasuries", so exposure has been plentiful.

I went to the Outdoor Market last Saturday and sold my FULL BLOOM Table runner and Place mat set. When I went to remove it from my inventory on Etsy, it had also been purchased by a Lady in Texas. Luckily had more material and made another set real quick. How likely is that to happen in the Quilt business?

Spring has sprung in northern Saskatchewan, the Trees are full of leaves, the grass is green, and yes, the Mosquitoes have arrived!! Not many Black flies in this corner thanks goodness.

Several new Quilts have been added to my inventory, but then sold as quickly as they arrived. I am working on more at the moment as well as trying to organize my Studio (which Master bedroom) more efficiently. It is very hard with little space and lots of inventory. I keep batting, tread and fabric on hand in great quantities.

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