Monday, July 28, 2008

truckin' crude oil haulin' quiltin' mama

Well, that is quite a Title. Much has happened in my life since my last post. I was offered a job hauling Super "B" crude oil from the leases in northern Alberta to the pipeline collection point in southern Alberta. Working double team again with my hubby, runnining 7 days and home 7 days. couldn't say "no" to that and accepted. Consequently my Blog and quilting business have taken a back seat. Judging from the views this Blog has had, I can tell you are all heart broken and have missed me terribly. The pictures show my co-drivers Peaches, Phayzer and Miss Molly. The person with the hose is me, bear in mind that I am realy a size 6 (with a 1 in front), but those coveralls are man size and do me not flattery.
I belong to a wonderful team called Quiltsy and it is going full swing again. What an awesome collection of ladies from all walks of life, all ages and demographics. It is truly a pleasure to chat with them. I wish I could participate more in the activities, but work schedule, life and my quilting business take up my time. The lady in charge of the team blog just wrote an article about me. What a nice gesture.
Today we bought a Suzuki 500 Vinison automatic shift Quad in bright yellow just for me. Hubby already has one and I sold my previous King Quad because it was a standard and hard to manage. I am loking forward to "blazing new trails". We live in a beautiful country with lots of wilderness, lakes and wildlife to see.


woolies said...

hi Monika, hope you are doing well!

Anonymous said...


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