Tuesday, January 13, 2009


I am in love with Batiks. Vibrant, interesting, never plain or boring. What are Batiks? Well, Webster defines itas follows: "batik (n): a fabric printed by an Indonesian method of hand-printing textiles by coating with wax the parts not to be dyed". Although there are many types of "resist" that can be used, wax is the most common. Beeswax, paraffin wax, and resins can be purchased already mixed, or custom mixed by the artist. The majority of batik fabrics available for purchase today are imported to the United States from Indonesia. Unlike commercial screen printed fabrics, batiks are still made by hand using the traditional wax and dye methods. These methods are as unique as the country in which they are produced.

I have a hard time cutting into a meter or chopping up my fat quarter collection. I try really hard to use patterns where the pieces are as big as possible. My favorite pattern is a 8 inch template called "Crazy Curves" which consists of a pie shape and an "l" shape.

The following pictures show Quilts made and sold almost witin hours of listing.

Unfortunately these pictures do not show the true beauty of these Quilts, but give some idea of what can be done with Batik.

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Kim said...

Beautiful quilts...batiks are so much fun! I completely understand what you mean about having a hard time cutting the fabric...that's why I like to make bags out of some of my absolute favorites :)

Tanks for sharing these beautiful colors!