Sunday, January 11, 2009

A look at my "other" job

I am a long arm quilter now for nearly 4 years. I have a APQS FREEDOM speed but not stitch regulated with a 12 ft frame. I have quilted for wonderful Quilters all over Canada and some n the US. Amongst my many clients is a Quilt Store called Creative Klutter in Irma, Alberta, a little town in the southern part of the Province. I recently quilted a Batik Railfence in beautiful colors for the Owner.

Quilted with a pattern called "Cascade" and using "Lava" thread made by "Superior" it produced stunning results.

The pictures don't do it justice. They are posted with the permission of Betty Ganie, Owner/Operator.
I currently have 2 listings for machine quilting, one with Hobbs Tuscany 100% washable Wool batting, and one with Quilters Cotton Select,, both in queen size.

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Kim said...

beautiful quilting! I'm jealous! I have to send my quilts to my aunt-in-law for quilting :)