Thursday, January 15, 2009


I received this Quilt top in the mail today from a Client who discovered me on the internet. After a few e-mails back and forth, she decided she wanted me to quilt this queen size top she had made a couple years ago. When I opened the box, I though oh boy, what am I going to do with this. It was wrinkled, full of threads and my client does not seem to be a "perfect" piecer. But, I love challenges so after ironing and snipping threads, onto the frame it went. I selected a cream colored thread and a feathery pattern and my Freedom and I started dancing.

This Quilt is gorgeous! My Client won't recognize it when it arrives. It looks totally different from the wrinkled piece of cloth I received today and I know she will be "tickled pink" when she sees it.
I sent an information package with her Quilt explaining what needs to be done to a Quilt top before it is dropped at the long arm Quilter.
When I see results like the pictures show, I am impressed. I love my job!

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