Sunday, March 15, 2009


But I have finally found a bit of time to update. I found out I have "transients" in my powerline, which atleast puts the finger on the problem. it is pretty freaky when all of a sudden yor Washmachine comes to life, and your long arm machine jumps while you are using it. I almost had a heart attack when that happened!

The electrician will send someone over tomorrow, there seems to be a loose connection of a couple of wire on the Power pole outside.

Besides that, I made a Wall Hanging, a Black and White Quilt, and just listed this morning, a Sunflower Quilt. Apart from that I took the day off, had a snooze with my puppies this afternoon, then ate some Cheesecake, and I am now sipping a cup of nice hot tea. Feels good to be lazy! Just better not get used to it.

I will have wireless satellite Internet installed next Wednesday, I am soooooo looking forward to that.


Ilena said...

Lazy! Silly lady take a look at your accomplishments! Glad that nothing got fried (especially the long arm) durig the power spells! Have a wonderful day!

frolicnfibers said...

What beautiful work you do! I especially love the "fall leaves" wall hanging. It's scrumptious! Have a great day.

QuiltLover said...

Thank You both very much.