Wednesday, March 11, 2009


*******String Quilt********** Imperial Flower Garden********** Fresh Air ********

I must apologize for leaving my audience in suspense. I haven't updated in a few days and see I had visitors. If it is any excuse, I have been busy! Made and listed several Quilts this week, many are already favorites of someone somewhere in the World. The Internet is a marvelous thing. I am switching to satellite at the end of March. This dial up is way to slow and costly for running a business on-line. I am very excited about this new system.
I also made some very cute Fabric Postcards, my first attempt b t they turned out fantastical! However, I cannot photograph them to save my life, so I will not share them with you but rather sell them at the Market, along with some beautiful Bags I made.
I am working on a queen size Quilt in the "Chelsea Market" collection by RjR. It is soft, floral, romantic, lots of coral, peach, light blue and rose and floral on black.
I will share when done.

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