Tuesday, March 3, 2009


59 years ago today I came into this World. Wow, where has time gone? It has sure been a Roller coaster ride to get to this point in my life, never a dull moment! Here is wishing me many more years full of everything I love and like.

Besides celebrating this humongous number of a Birthday, I also long arm quilted several Quilts today and the one I want to Blog about is awesome! Just a simple Rail Fence pattern, in plain flannel but......what color! It reminds me of Lifesavers, I wanted to open a package while quilting this beauty.
Once I had it on the frame, I decided that "Splash" was the only pattern that would be appropriate in this Quilt and a variegated thread in orange/yellow would suit it to a tee. I have wonderful customers and the majority leave the pattern and thread selection up to me. I love them!
Isn't it amazing how machine quilting can bring so much life to a simple pattern? I love this job!


Quiltplay said...

Happy Birthday to you!
Happy Birthday to you!
Happy Birthday dear Monika!!!!
Happpppyyyy Biirttthhhdddaaay toooo youuuuu!

Hope you have a wonderful year!

and yes that is a Beautiful quilt with some beautiful quilting!


QuiltLover said...

Thank You so very much. Wish you were here, we could eat Cheesecake, have a glass of wine or 2 and get giggly and happy! I'd love that!