Friday, April 17, 2009


How did it happen? Where does time go? I swear the older I get the faster time flies.

I have had a very productive week. Received 2 custom Quilt orders for king size Quilts with pillow Shams and Accent Cushions, one of which is almost finished. I made and listed 3 Quilts, Crazy Dayz, Tropicana and Darla Darling. My Sales this month are up as well as are my expenses. Fabric and supplies are getting more and more expensive and I can see having to raise the prices on my Quilts.
My longarm trainng DVD's arrived these last couple of days, and I have to make an effort and schedule "ppp" time. My Circle Lord should be arriving early next week, so exciting! I received a call today from a Customer who wants me to quilt a "Show" Quilt for her, so who knows, tis writer might be able to put "Award winning Longarm Quilter" on her business card yet.

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