Wednesday, May 6, 2009


I love that song from the Rolling Stones "Bigger Bang" Album. I am a big fan and I think "Rain Fall Down" has to be my most favorite song!
It is raining here this morning, and that is good. Everything is still brown and dingy outside and we need a good rain and some hot sun to make the trees and grass come to live with lush color. Spend the last week with my partner putting a roof over our 12ft x 36ft deck. We have a very open south exposure and that sun gets so unbearably hot we just can't use the deck. Now we will have some shade, cover from the rain, and protection from the humongous amounts of snow we have to shovel off the deck every winter.

I am feverishly working to stock my http://www.quiltlover.etsy/ Store after record March and April Sales. May 14th will mark my second anniversary on Etsy and online sellling. Considering that very vew items I have sold are less than $100.00 and quite a few are over the $400.00 mark, 108 sales is a great accomplisment. I am proud to say that I have Quilts in many corners of the World and Harvest Spice, a real beauty, is leaving for Australia shortly. The Lady that bought it is a repeat buyer and has become a dear friend over the past 2 years. We correspond regularly, and if we catch eachother on the internet at the right time, we chat and enjoy a glass of Mint Baileys while we talk. How awesome is that?
I have had a Storefront on iCraft, which I closed. No sales, low views, Ecrater which had some sales but I found I couldn't keep up with long haul trucking and maintaing 2 online Venues, so I closed it down too.

Currently I operate my http://www.quiltlover.artfire/ store, but it might get closed too, the views are very low, just not worth the time and effort. But.....I might stock it with lower priced items such as bags and table decor and we will see if that will have a market.
I recently made my Quilt Run" and picked up a gazoodel Quilts to finish, that will keep me busy for a week or so. You can see the completed Quilts at or just click on the link at the right side of this Blog.
I ventured into another medium for promoting my Quilts......YouTube! Check out this Video of the Quilts I have for Sale It has had 175 visitors/viewers since I created it on May 2, 2009. That is awesome!

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