Sunday, May 10, 2009


On May 14th, 2009 I celebrate my second anniversary of Online commerce. I opened shop on Etsy on the 14th and made my first sale 2 days later.

It has been a roller coaster of a ride. I learned so much, I lost some money on shipping, I gained several friends and a bunch of wonderful repeat customers. My feedback is impeccable, and compliments are received almost daily. As of this writing I count 1383 shop hearts. It was just before Christmas when I was sitting at 987 ande not really all that long ago when I had my first hearts and I was all excited. My darling husband still recalls that moment with a big smile on his face and a shake of the head. I have learned how to ship the most efficient way so that my customers get their Quilt quickly and at the most economical cost possible, Quilts are shipped overseas in space saver bags, all the air is sucked out and I can almost ship Express for half of what it would have cost to ship regular mail.

I have a friend in Australia who just bought the most gorgeous Quilt from me, and I know she will have a fright when she sees her package. It is rock hard and about 18" x 14" x 8" and contains a queen size Quilt. I would love to see her face when she opens it!

I have put together a slideshow of the Quilts I have sent all over Canada, The United States, Japan, Germany, Australia. It has been a wonderful 2 years and I look forward to continued business growth, making more friends, and amazing peoples all over the world with my quilting.

Thank you all for your confidence and trust in QuiltLover Quilts and other beautiful Things.

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woolies said...

congratulations on your etsyversary!