Friday, June 5, 2009


Times are tough, I hear it all the time. Money is tight, the consumer isn't spending, nobody is buying things like Quilt, that is a luxury item!

I have been absent from my blog because I am just about sold out of Quilts! As fast as I make them they sell! Quilts might be the next hot commodity the way they are disappearing from my store. I list one, an hour later it is sold. This is definately the year of QuiltLover!

I added a couple new Quilt pictures to my Customer Quilt Gallery on LUV2QUILT4YOU, forgot to take pictures of all the ones I quilted in the last 2 weeks, getting old I guess. I have, as of this date, 4 more to quilt, then I can concentrate on quilting for my store again.

I closed . The views were pitiful and I just don't have the time to promote it anymore than I did. I try to concentrate my efforts on Etsy, it seems to want to pay the bills.

It is still pretty chilly in our part of the world, the flowers even seem to shrink into themselves when the north wind blows. But, we don't have hail, tornadoes, hurricans, floods or even excessive crime, so chilly is a small price to pay for peace of mind.

My hubby is home for the next month or so and has started tearing the old house apart. It will be my studio in good time and I must take pictures as the work progresses. It will be interesting to see if the old house, a one room shack built circa 1940, can be fixed.

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