Sunday, June 7, 2009


This old House, oh boy, what an undertaking! We live on a beautiful peaceful acreage and behind our home is the old original homestead built circa 1940. It was a one room house, about 14' x 20' solid wood construction and woodchip insulated. I cannot imagine how drafty that must have been in the winter. My hubby and I thought it might make a great studio for me, get all my machines, fabric and dust out of our home. A place I can go and when done, close the door without having to worry about cleaning up. So this past week he started removing the boards one at the time as they are absolutely salvageable, good dry wood, that will make nice sheving for my fabrics and whatnots. It doesn't look pretty, but then what construction job does, especially in the removal stage, which is always the worst. I have decided to document the different stages and it will be interesting to see how it comes along. Plans have been drawn, windows and doors are bought, new rafters are coming soon, just need time and plenty of elbow grease.

A project we just completed was to put a roof over our deck which has a south exposure and gets so hot from morning till the sun goes down that we could not use it. My industrious constructonator built an awesome cover, complete with metal roof. We have breakfeast, lunch and supper outside now and lounge around whenever the fancy strikes us. Nice to be kind of semi retired! My friend Liz in Australia wanted to see what it looks like, so these pictures are for you Liz. Just imagine us sitting here in the middle of the day with our red bikinis on drinking fuzzy Navels. What a picture! If you look close you cans see my couch potatoe Phayzer laying on the back of the sofa thru the living room window.

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