Saturday, August 1, 2009

There needs to be two of me!

Do you ever get the feeling that there needs to be two of you to keep up with it all? Between my Etsy Store, my fabric Store, 2 Blogs, Twitter, Facebook, Soopse, my Dogs, the House, the yard, a husband, and longarm quilting business, Etsy Quiltsy Team Forum, APQS Forum, well you get my drift. I find myself becoming more and more anti social and just hermitizing in my home concentrating on all the above. I do get somer fishing in occassionally when my hubby drags me by the hair into the boat and I love him for it. It keeps me young (I think) and focused and I love my life.

I recently made some gorgeous Quilts, one I decided to keep for myself, but make another to custom order, it was purchased yesterday, called Flowershow. The quilting is just excellent, the fabric and colors second to none. I used a bamboo/cotton blend batting, washed the Quilt in hot water after completion, and it shrunk and shrivelled into the nicest Quilt. I am in love!

Apart from my usual scrappy Quilts I branched out and made a more daring design using a collection of Bali Batik Strips called Strawberry. I used black for a sashing, and earthtone Batiks for borders. The Quilt turned out to be 100" x 100", a nice queen size. It racked up record views and hearts and sold yesterday after being listed only 3 days.

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Coleen said...

I thought you were entertaining keeping this one for yourself.....What happened?