Monday, June 28, 2010

Food for my babies - not quilting related

I just cooked up another batch of "dog food", which consists of 2 lbs of lean hamburger meat, 3 boxes of Beef Noodle Hamburger Helper, and a small bag of mixed vegetables.  I usually cook up a batch every Monday and my dogs get a bowl every day, a small helping for the little ones, a double for the big one.  I have done this for my dogs for over 2 years now after watching a segment on TV about what goes into commercial dog food.  I still supplement with dry food, which is available to them all day long.  None of my babies overeat, none are fat, and all are extremely healthy, the hair I vacuum off the carpet 3 times a day can attest to that!

This is Phayzer, a Chinese Crested Powderpuff, 15 years old.  Both his parents are "Hairless".  We have had him now for 10 years.  Poor baby is deaf, blind on one eye, and has extremely bad teeth.  He puts his head on my pillow every night to go to sleep.

My little Peaches, 17 years old this July 25th, the gentlest and most loving fur baby I have ever known.  We got her when she was just 5 weeks old and she spent the first few month of her life laying on the dash of a Freightliner and Peterbilt Truck as we were driving all over the USA and Canada.  We call her our "million miler puppy".  She sleeps most of the day now and I expect she won't wake up one of these days.

 Meet Miss Molly, a feisty little Terrier Mix, just over 2 years old.  She was a rescue puppy and she has the nicest little "drumsticks", that is her nick name.  We love her to pieces, her energy is never ending.

 This blue eyed beauty is Misty, a Siberian Husky, and the cause of all the hair on the carpet.  Misty is just 8 month young and the biggest "suckie baby" I have ever known.  She loves to ride on the back of the ATV and I can not go anywhere without taking her along.  She is very sociable and loves everyone and everything.

No more dogs for me.......(last famous words, right????)

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