Sunday, July 18, 2010

MEGAN'S QUILT - Sunflower Illusion

It is finished and it is gorgeous, if I say so myself.  I made 2 non quilted pillow Shams and 2 non quilted 18" Toss Cushion Covers to go with it, truly a Bed Quilt Ensemble.

 The pictures do not do this set justice, the quilting really does not show, I cannot get the light right on this one.  The mustard yellow Minke shows the details and is oh so soft.

Here is a picture of the whole Quilt, which was also submitted to the Judy Niemeyer website.

I hope Megan and her Man like this Quilt...if not, I am sure there will be a few takers.  Just in case, let me know who you are, perhaps I can have a contest????


Patchmaker said...

OH MY GOODNESS, it's gorgeous!!!! Congratulations on a job well done!

Anonymous said...

I am taking this class next week. Wish me luck so I can make mine as stunningly beautiful as you made yours.