Monday, August 30, 2010

Coming out of hiding!

I just received an e-mail from a faithful follower asking if I was alright as I had not posted in awhile.  Thank you Linda, yes, I am just fine.  I am absolutely flattered that you would look for me, that is so nice of is a big thank you hug!!!!.

So I will show you what has occupied my time, apart from a few other things, but this project was the most time consuming.  It was 4 days of steady work, took a 3000yard cone of thread and I forgot to count the bobbins, but there were many.  Before I show the pictures (I know it doesn't work that way) I want to tell you that i bought this Quilt top from "Aunt Beas Quiltshop" on E-Bay some time ago.  A great source for those that want to practice machine quilting techniques without spending a fortune on making a top.  this Quilt top cost an amazing $65.00 plus shipping, unbelievable for the amount of work and detail it contains.  I teamed the top with a Quilters Dream 100% washable Wool batting and a perma press Muslin backing.  The machine quilting consists of millions of tiny shells, a gazillion tiny stipples, and some feathers around the center block.  The inner border features over/under feathers and the outer border some swirly whirly leafy ferny things.

I am not sure what to do with this Quilt.  it is too small for my bed, it measures 92" x 92", perfect for a queen size bed.  Anyone want an old fashioned Quilt for a guest room? Cottage? Wedding gift?????? I am available to offers.  Here are the pictures.  Nice Comments welcome.


Patchmaker said...

Wow! Beautiful!

Linda Craig said...

Hello, My Friend, I'm so glad to see you have surfaced once again! LOL! Sooooo, this is what you have been up to!!! It's gorgeous! I love it! As soon as I came onto your site today I noticed it immediately and dived in for a closer look. You did an amazing job on the quilting -- as always! ;)

Colleen formerly of South Africa said...

Lovely quilts that you shared. I so enjoyed seeing them.

Rebecca said...

Monika...your quilting is just BEAUTIFUL! You must quilt all day, I can not beleive how many quilts that you quilt up in such a short time. Rebecca