Saturday, September 3, 2011

Circle of Life

I fell in love with this pattern some time ago.  it is called Circle of Life designed by Jaqueline de Jonge.  As soon as the pattern arrived in my mail box, I knew this was way beyond my patience and piecing skill and I contacted my resident expert Maggie, of to see if she would piece this for me.  Of course,  she said, so I went of and selected the fabrics, all from the sun and moon collection, some kona black for the background around the circles and a few yards of silvery dotted black to compliment the spikes/spires.  Off to Nova Scotia it all went and in no time flat, this arrived at my door.  Once we do so minor corrections to the border, which was supposed to have the same silvery dotted black instead of the kona black and be finished with a 2 inch strip all around, I can get to quilting this piece.  I am looking forward to that.  Maggie did an outstanding job.  Thank you...I love every inch of this Quilt!  You are tops in my books!

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