Monday, January 2, 2012

A new year, a new beginning, a new venue

I have been hard at work beefing up my inventory with some new and old favourites.  The absolute gorgeous Serenity Collection was used to make this elegant generous lap Quilt.

Bright and beautiful, happy and welcoming a new day, the African Women are dancing and playing with their children in this one of a kind queen size bed Quilt

I was able to make another Quilt like the one that was "lost" after it was delivered at a customer's address in California, one of 3 packages that happened to at the same address, what a violation and disappointment something like that is.  The Quilt is gorgeous and I hope that whoever has the 4 Quilts they are not entitled to.....well I will leave that sentiment up the the reader to finish.

Here is the Dreamcatcher Quilt made with Joel dewberry "Heirloom" collection

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