Thursday, May 30, 2013

Another Move, another Adventure

British Columbia Here I come.  We are moving....again.  It seems I was not meant to have roots, but I look forward to yet another adventure in my life.   After a serious operation and a run-in with cancer and subsequent treatments, my husband, friend and soulmate needs to downsize his responsibilities and has realized that our acreage is just too much for him to handle.  A 55plus environment in a warmer climate will be welcome by both of us and our move is coming fast.  My well loved APQS FREEDOM has found a new home and my new machine, a New generation FREEDOM SR is on Order! Yah...I am so excited!  A big Sale in my Etsy Store was very successful and many Quilts have found wonderful homes in various Countries around the Globe.  That is just awesome!  I haver made about 30 quilt tops in the last few weeks and below are a few pictures.  I look forward to setting up shop again in my new home and get back to quilting with my new long arm.

I'll be back in July....bbl

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Pam Geisel - For Quilts Sake said...

Good luck with the move...I hope your new place works out well for you both!