Wednesday, December 4, 2013

New Name, New Energy, New Beginning

It is time for a change, a renewal of sorts.  These past few years have been a constant struggle and very hard work to stay on top of the game as far as selling my Quilts on Etsy was concerned.  I have decided to take it easy and not work so hard.  As the years go by, we get slower and although the desire is still there, the energy leaves a lot to be desired.

We recently moved to escape the cold winters of northwestern saskatchewan to the more likeable climate of the western Kootenays of BC.   I have never ever felt so at home in all my years of moving around this country as I do here.  Everything is just so "right" and I wake up every morning loving where I am.

I decided on a new name for my little shop, my blog and quilting venture and what better name than "Kootenay Quilter", which was picked by my husband and sure has a nice flow to it.

I purchased my domain name for both and, it is solely mine for a year anyway, and I will then decide if I continue on or call it quits and enjoy life with my husband and Miss Molly in this beautiful part of BC.  My new website is and you can get to both my Etsy and Zibbet ventures by clicking the purple links.  I would love for you to visit the site and let me know what you think.

The top 2 pictures are what i see when I look out my windows, and the bottom shows a flock of wild turkeys, which roam around anywhere…..I just love that!

Catch you all later.

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